Enhancing Product Functionality and Durability through Customized Materials and Techniques

At Screening Room, we understand that even when a product is in the concept and development phase highly-accurate representations are required for enhanced product visualization. In partnership with product and industrial designers, we help to engineer and overlay labels, products, and nameplates to exceed all expectations. Our graphics and decals meet all characteristic requirements and can be customized to be heat, scratch, and chemically resistant.

Making the right choices of processes, base materials, over-laminates, and adhesives can significantly increase the durability and functionality of the product. Screening Room assists clients to ensure every solution is the best suited for the intended use of the product. We are capable of creative durable solvent inkjet prototypes for fit, copy, trade shows, and photo shoots.

OEM Client List

Providing premier printing solutions, customized to fit the needs of our clients.
Screening Room values long-term relationships. Every working relationship is enjoyable and productive, resulting in exceptional products. Our current Product/Industrial Design partnerships include:

  • ANP Technologies, Inc.
  • Caveman Consulting, LTD
  • Delaware River Design
  • DesignDesign, Inc.
  • Intuition Design, Inc.
  • Juliana Design Group
  • Power Products